Myriopus poliochros

Myriopus poliochros (Spreng.) Small (1933: 1131IPNI Tropicos The Plant List NCBI BHL

Tournefortia poliochros Sprengel (1824: 644IPNI Tropicos The Plant List NCBI BHL
Messerschmidtia poliochros (Spreng.) G.Don (1838: 371The Plant List BHL

The type specimen of this species was collected in Jamaica, possibly by Bertero. Most of the plants of the herbarium Sprengel that were bought by the herbarium Berlin got lost (see Stafleu & Cowan, 1985: 807 BHL). There were plants of Bertero in the herbarium Sprengel, part of which came to the de Candolle herbarium at Geneva (de Candolle, 1883: 452 BHL). A possible type specimen may be found at G-DC (Link), in which case there is a duplicate at the Natural History Museum in Vienna (W 1889/101666!).

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