Ixorhea tschudiana

Ixorhea tschudiana Fenzl (1886: 288IPNI Tropicos The Plant List NCBI BHL

Type: [...] zwischen Palo Pintado und El Carmen [...] Felsen, 1858, J. J. von Tschudi s.n. (holotype W!)

Oxyosmyles viscosissima Spegazzini (1901: 317IPNI Tropicos The Plant List BHL

Taxon description.

This species was originally described on the basis of a specimen collected by Johann Jakob von Tschudi (1818 - 1889) in 1858 in Argentina, between Palopintado and El Carmen in the province of Salta. A map of the zone with the itinerary can be found in von Tschudi (1860). The type specimen is at the herbarium of the Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna (W), which also holds the original description in handwriting of Fenzl, as well as leaf anatomical descriptions and an unpublished drawing. The syntypes of Oxyosmyles viscosissima were collected South of the type of Ixorhea tschudiana, also in the province of Salta (Cuesta del Arca and Runi-Huasi); they are probably housed at the herbarium of the Museo de La Plata, Argentina. Spegazzini (1901) also provided drawings of the species.

References: di Fulvio (1978), di Fulvio (1982), Ariza Espinar (2006).

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